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So much more than a gadget!

Our technology keeps you and your home safer. It also makes it super smart.
Aqila Securehub™

Aqila Securehub™ is the brain of Aqila Smart Home Security System, it controls all communication from sensors and connects it to Aqila Smart App. The hub is using a secure and reliable network to ensure your security communication.

Whenever incident occur and triggering the alarm, such as a door opened, or motion sensor detects intruders, Aqila Securehub™ will forward the information about the incident through app notifications, SMS or a phone call.

Fast & easy installation
24 hours protection
Scheduled alarm
105dB siren power
Instant notification
1000mA battery back up
Connect up to 50 sensors
iOS & Android application
Guardian™ Secure Network
Two-Way Communication
Tamper protection
Operated through phone call or SMS
Guardian™ Secure Network

Our proprietary Guardian™ Secure Network is combination of FHSS Technology and Dual Network Capability that brings maximum robustness and reliability to Aqila Smart Home Security System.

FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) enables the system to hop between wireless frequency channels to ensure the seamless data transmission. It brings greater protection from frequency interference, jamming, and unauthorized interception. This technology consists of 128-bit AES encryption that offers an exceptionally high level of protection against analysis tools and digital attacks.

Last but not least, it is also equipped with a dual network capability (Wi-Fi and GSM) that act as a backup for each other in case one of the networks is offline. Whenever the Wi-Fi connections drops out, the GSM network will take over.

Aqila Sensors, Sirens & Cameras
Stand-alone security camera isn’t enough.

Protect your family with security system that covers every corner of your home, 360°.
Aqila Smart App

With Aqila Smart App, you can control your Aqila alarm system mode, automations, and system settings from the palm of your hand. Built natively for iOS and Android so you can easily oversee your smart security from wherever you are, receives real-time alerts to ensure safety and easily shares devices among family members.

Control Anywhere

Add and control multiple sensors and cameras at once with one App.

All-in-One Control

Quickly set alarm system to Stay Arm, Away Arm, or Disarm.

Interworking of multiple Home or Office

Multiple home management, easily manage multiple location in one App.

Shared Access

Easily share devices among family members.

Instant Notification

Receive instant alert to ensure the security and safety of your home

Automation/Smart Scenario

Manages multiple devices at once with just a click of a button or Operate devices automatically based on pre-set conditions.

Live Video

Live video feeds from your camera.

Smart Products Integration

At Aqila, we’re committed to creating not only a safer home, but also smarter. Currently, we are developing more smart products, so you can smartly control and monitor everything inside your home from the touch of a button from your smartphone. Keep communicating your feedback and suggestions, and we’ll keep doing our best to deliver!

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