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Safe Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

22 Dec 2020

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Times have increasingly turned into more technological. Crime is possible to intercept, this can be proven by the existence of criminal acts in many places, not only on the streets but even touching residents’ homes.

Anger is an act that many people should be aware of. Because this action is carried out by breaking into or forcibly breaking into your house or residence.

Even the thief will not hesitate to take your life if you dare to fight him. It’s not only your valuables that have disappeared, so lives can be lost. For that, start to be more careful by making your home as safe as possible to avoid thieves or theft. Here are some tips for improving home security without spending large sums of money, namely:


To prevent thieves or thieves from entering, you must always make sure your house is safe. This can be done by always checking all the doors that are in your house, for example, gate doors, balcony doors, garage doors, front doors or other doors that have outside access to the house. Also make sure that the windows are always closed and locked at night or when traveling outside the city.

Next you make sure to always close the blinds or window curtains so that the house doesn’t seem transparent or can be seen from the outside. This can prevent thieves from seeing what is actually inside the house and so they hesitate to try to enter.

Changing Keys For New Homes

You must have locked all the doors or windows of your home. Either a new house or former residence must be accompanied by a key in it. So it never hurts to replace it with a new one. Update house door locks, gates, balcony doors and so on to minimize crime. Make sure not to make too many spare keys and make sure that only the person in the house is holding the spare key, not to let it fall into someone else’s hands.

Install CCTV

Installing CCTV at your residence is both very important and promising. Because the existence of this CCTV can record all the events in your home. In addition, it is certain that it will increase the level of home security because thieves can find out the identities or traces they left behind, so you can make a report with strong evidence to the police to immediately catch them.

Installing the Alarm System

Besides that, you can also add to the use of an alarm that can sound quite loud when your house has been broken into by a thief. The reason is that after a thief has broken into your house, this alarm system will sound so that it will wake up and make neighbors come to your house. The use of this alarm is still rare in Indonesia, but this alarm system is already very popular in several other countries.


In a housing complex, there will always be a patrol schedule made by local residents. Make sure to set aside some time so you can watch as night falls. The existence of patrols like this will reduce the crime rate in your neighborhood because the environment is always crowded and safe.

Keep your Valuables

Make sure to keep your valuables in a safe place and not easily found by others. In addition, do not put valuables in a place that is easily seen by many people in order to maintain security and reduce acts of theft.

Those are some surefire ways to keep your home safe from criminals.

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