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We are an Indonesian smart home company

with security as our core. We make your home not only smarter but also safer.
Our Story

Aqila was born based on the experience of a failed home security system and limitations in monitoring all aspects of home security.

In April 2018, one of our co-founders went out of town with his family for a vacation. His house has been equipped with CCTV security camera and guarded by housemaid. Sadly, the house appeared vacant from outside and seemed have been stalked out by criminals for a quite long time.

On an unfortunate night, burglars entered the house by prying the front door and took a lot of stuffs, laptop, tablet, camera, even his new pair of Nike shoes. They also cleverly took the camera’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR) so that there are no traces of burglars left behind. Till this day, the perpetrators have not been caught.

The incident made him realize that stand-alone security cameras were not enough to prevent crimes from happening. So, having a reliable home security system to prevent crimes is a must.

From that experience, Aqila was developed to bring a whole new level of home security. Protects not only the house but everything in it, including our beloved family.

Our Mission

Life-improving Smart Home Security System.

When it comes to family, we realize that we want to do everything for them, including protecting them from harm.

Our mission is to bring peace of mind and improve family’s quality of life by creating sophisticated, innovative and easy-to-use smart home security system that caters to family’s security and safety needs through cutting edge technologies.

Stand-alone security camera isn’t enough.

Protect your family with security system that covers every corner of your home, 360°.
Our Principles
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